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Andrew Allen - Owner

Andrew Allen Music  is owned and operated by Andrew Allen. Andrew completed his schooling at the University of South Florida, obtaining a degree in Jazz Studies. He draws inspiration from an eclectic group of musicians and composers, including Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Horace Silver, Hans Zimmer, James Horner, Jerry Goldsmith, and Howard Shore. 

Andrew has produced, recorded, and arranged four successful jazz albums  under Coverville Records, including fully licensed recordings of Star Wars, Star Trek, Video Game, and Super Hero-theme compositions. He has also composed music for Clear Channel Communications, Discovery Channel, and CBSi.

Andrew uses his creative instincts in order to compose original music for any setting. He provides services in original music creation, arranging, copyrighting, and publishing.



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Film / Television

Bring your movie or television show to life with custom music composition from Andrew Allen. He creates custom music from scratch in order to produce an organic relationship between the visual and audible aspects of your film. 

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Stop using canned music, and hire Andrew Allen to write a custom theme for your commercial. He creates music that represents your brand and image, so you can set yourself apart from everyone else. 

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Video Games

Give your video game a theatrical makeover, and hire Andrew Allen to write music for you. He can create inspiring, non-repetitive music that will keep your player base happy and focused on the story that you're telling. 



Digital Media

Add a custom theme to your podcast or Youtube channel with Andrew Allen Music. He understands that music is important to digital media producers, which is why he offers royalty-free custom music bumpers and bed music for your next video or podcast.

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